USANA Australia and New Zealand Achievement


As I look through this magazine I am reminded of how much USANA Australia and USANA New Zealand have achieved so far in 2015, and I’m excited about what’s to come.

The stories about International Convention are a reminder about the importance of events at USANA. These fill the tank, they develop strong skills and mindset, they uplift and inspire, and no wonder the attendees at these events are the same Associates that go on to new levels of success. In 2015 both Australia and New Zealand had record levels of attendance at International Convention, we filled planes, we crammed into hotel rooms, we lived it and loved it. It was inspiring to see a group of Diamonds organise and attend Leadership Training at Harvard University prior to Convention. Personal development is our joint responsibility and this group helped demonstrate through their actions, how important a priority this is. Make sure all of your team are heading to Celebration in January. These events will transform your business for the year ahead.

We have also welcomed exciting trainers to our shores. We’ve hosted Diamond Directors Anna and Yvan Lozanno, and more recently 3-Star Diamond Director Michael Callejas who inspired record numbers across Australia and New Zealand, as well as 2-Star Diamond Director Min Li, who wowed audiences with his Leadership and Business Development training, and was partnered perfectly with Liao Xiaohua a world class health professional.

In 2015 we have welcomed more elite athletes into Team USANA from Australia and New Zealand and than ever before. As we head towards the 2016 Rio Olympics, I know many of our athletes are in final preparations, and we look forward to many personal bests and hopefully a few medals as well!

As I write these words, the new Indonesian office prepares to welcome their first guests. This new market is filled with opportunity and promise. It’s easy to lose sight of the opportunity and promise here in beautiful Australia and New Zealand. We have a population in desperate need of quality supplements. We have Leaders who stand tall on the world stage, right here at home. The place is here and the time is now. I urge you to take advantage of everything USANA has to offer, and to know that every member of the corporate team is here to support you. The words we live by every day is that everything we do, helps you love life and live it! P.S. I’m looking forward to attending the 2015 Growth Incentive in Cairns in May 2016 together with some very special guests. Will you be there? This is one not to miss!

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

David, Executive Vice President-Pacific

USANA was delighted to take a group of Australia Associates over to New York City

usana dr ozUSANA was delighted to take a group of USANA Australia Associates over to New York City
directly after International Convention to be in the audience for a live taping of The Dr. Oz Show.

Held on Tuesday, August 25, at ABC Studios, all guests were treated as VIP’s and each had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Oz personally! During the show, one of the topics covered was – Managing your Money – which compared using credit cards to cash, this was very
interesting and revealed a recent case study showed that when using cards we spend way more than when we use cash.

The other topic – Save Money and Eat More Healthy by Cooking in Bulk – featured tips on how to buy in bulk and set aside time each week to cook large amounts that can be frozen in meal allotments to save time and money in the process. Dr. Oz also spoke about the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep, including tips to a good sleeping room and
habits for ensuring quality sleep.

What Associates had to say:

“Imagine being on set for the live filming of one of the world’s most prominent leaders in Health. We’re feeling blessed after our experience at the Dr. Oz Show – where we were part of the exciting atmosphere, had fun participating, and even had our photos taken with Dr. Oz!

Given USANA’s high levels of integrity – from product manufacture to business ethics, our partnership with Dr. Oz is another powerful way to add weight to USANA’s approach.” Fiona Jamieson-Folland – Foundation Executive and 2-Star Diamond Director, Auckland NZ
“Going to the Dr. Oz show was the best decision we could have made in so many ways! Attending the recording at his studio in New York City and being able to experience the true atmosphere where Dr Oz does what he does best was so rewarding and reassuring that we are definitely working with the best company and best Dr’s in the industry.

Dr. Oz has so much at stake recommending our USANA products on his show and this alone proves to my customers and business partners that we are truly working with the best and most trusted company in the business. Attending the Dr .Oz show was definitely
worth the investment for marketing and self-development for our business and USANA as a whole. Thank you USANA for providing this opportunity to us and also thank you for the wonderful dinner and bus tour afterwards. We are truly blessed and grateful.”
Roberta Alexander – Silver Director, Cairns Australia

“We were offered the opportunity to attend the Dr. Oz show taping and jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t want to add a side trip to New York after Convention?!
We got to experience not only the show and all that entails, but also got to mix and mingle with some of the most amazing people within the USANA family. The show actually highlighted our Pure Rest product and at the end of the show as always Dr. Oz offers viewers the opportunity to receive a bottle of the featured product, and also the
studio audience, which was a really nice bonus.

We got to see how Dr. Oz is working as a Trusted Partner to bring USANA into the
households of his worldwide audience of millions around the globe. This is an incredible opportunity to start conversations and have USANA at the forefront of nutritional supplements on the market now in the public psyche.

We also got to each have our photo taken with Dr. Oz after the show had wrapped, and as an add on my husband and I asked Dr. Oz if he would record a special birthday wish for my Dad for his 94th Birthday.

So after everyone had finished he stayed back and made sure we got
our message for me to give to my Dad – such a gracious and generous
man to do that for us.

Some things are absolutely priceless and that was one of those
Suzi Sorgiovanni, Silver Director, Melbourne Australia

Get the Healthy Fatty Acids and Introduction to USANA Biomega

usana biomegaArticle extracted from USANA Australia and Hong Kong Magazine.

“Fats are detrimental to health.” This is a thought deeply rooted in everybody’s mind. Yet more and more researchers tell us that this is not the truth—fats are in fact a necessary nutrient we need for good health. Fats are a rich source of energy, help the body absorb various vitamins and minerals, and provide fatty acids that are important for growth and metabolism, such as the essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Why Your Body Needs Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids are an integral part of cell membranes. They offer many health benefits on a cellular level:

May help aid the heart: Research shows that the consumption of EPA and DHA (found in omega-3s) may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Assists in brain development: These fatty acids also influence brain development and structural integrity—pregnant women should make sure they are getting enough omega-3s in their diet to help support their child’s brain and eye development.

May Lessen the Soreness after Exercise: A study discovered that a diet rich in omega-3s could be effective in lessening the soreness experienced after exercise.

BiOmega-3™ : Your Best Fish Oil Supplement

Despite the high nutritional values associated with omega-3 fatty acids, dietary surveys
indicate that most of us do not obtain enough omega-3 fatty acids from our diets. The severe environmental pollution also worries people that they may take in mercury, heavy metals, or other pollutants from the fish through which they try to obtain omega-3s, which can result in prolonged negative influences on the body.

This is why you should choose USANA BiOmega-3™. It is produced from deep-sea fish oil and contains a balanced, concentrated daily dose of two important omega-3 fatty acids: EPA and DHA. Manufactured with a double-molecular distillation process, the product is guaranteed the highest possible purity. Each capsule also contains mixed natural tocopherols to minimize oxidation of the omega-3 fatty acids and maintain product
quality. That’s the reason why BiOmega-3™ is one of the purest, highest quality fish oil
products available on the market today. It’s a product you can trust.

• Bourre JM. Roles of unsaturated fatty acids (especially omega-3 fatty acids) in the brain at various ages and during ageing. 2004. J Nutr Health Aging 8(3):163-74.
• Holub DJ, Holub, BJ. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils and cardiovascular disease. 2—4. Mol Cell Biochem 263(1-2):217-25.

Sweet dreams and USANA products

sleeping babyJames’s mother brought him to see us at the Brain Bio Centre because, no matter how tired he became, he simply was not sleeping. Consequently, his concentration and memory at school were very poor. We screened him for various biochemical imbalances and analysed his diet. We found that James had food allergies, low levels of calcium and magnesium, and too much sugar in his diet. By excluding the foods that James was allergic to, reducing his sugar intake and supplementing extra calcium and magnesium (with USANA Active Calcium Plus), James benefited from the solution within a matter of weeks.

usana active calcium plusSleeping is very important for our life. Without sleep, even for a night, the body shows clear signs of stress – mood and concentration go, defences drops, zinc and magnesium levels fall, and vitamin c is used up at an alarming rate. Sleep rejuvenates both body and mind. In fact, during the first three hours of sleep, the body goes into rapid repair mode.

Finding the zzzzz factor

Whichever type of sleep problem your child has, the factors to consider are the same: along with habitual telly-gazing last thing at night, these include deficiencies of the calming minerals magnesium and calcium, excess sugar or stimulants, food allergies and a lack of physical activity during the day.

Chill-out minerals

If your child fails to get enough magnesium and calcium, it can trigger or exacerbate sleep difficulties, because this mineral duo calms the body, and helps relax nerves and muscles. As we’ve seen, magnesium deficiency is increasingly common in children. In fact, your child’s diet is likely to be lower in magnesium than in calcium, so make sure they’re eating plenty of magnesium-rich foods – seeds, nuts, green vegetables, wholegrains and seafood. Including some magnesium in the evening, perhaps even in a supplement products like USANA Active Calcium Plus or USANA Multi-minerals.

Other nutrients that are important for good sleep are the B vitamins (which can be found in USANA Mega Antioxidant), These are best taken earlier in the day rather than in the evening, though, as they are also involved in energy production and can be overstimulating just before bed.

Serotonin and melatonin

The amounts of serotonin and the hormone melatonin in our bodies increase in the evening as part of our natural sleep-wake cycle. Deficiencies in either can prevent sleep and disruptions in sleep patterns can deplete the body of these substances.

The body needs adequate amounts of B6 and trytophan to make serotonin and melatonin, and foods particularly high in tryptophan include chicken, cheese, tuna, tofu, eggs, nuts, seeds soya milk and milk. So, drinking some soya milk (USANA Soyamax) at night before bed and taking some vitamin B6 (USANA Mega Antioxidant) in the morning helps with serotonin and melatonin generation.

Melatonin can be found in USANA Pure Rest. It is a neurotransmitter, not a nutrient, and hence needs to be used much more cautiously when supplementing. Taking too much can cause diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, dizziness, headaches, depression and nightmares. However, melatonin has been used to good effect in children in a number of studies, so it’s worth a try under the guidance of a qualified nutritional therapist or doctor.

usana pure rest

Tips for sweet dream:

  1. Avoid sugar rich food.
  2. Take calcium, magnesium, trytophan and vitamin B6 rich food or related supplements. USANA Products are good choices.
  3. Exercise during the day.
  4. Keep your room windows opened with fresh air.
  5. Keep your room dark when sleeping.
  6. Choose good pillow and bed.

To purchase above USANA Products, please visit USANA Online Store.

The Nutrients for men’s health and USANA Palmetto Plus™

usana palmetto plusArticle extracted from USANA Malaysia Magazine 2015.

DO YOU KNOW? Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) affects 8% of all men at the age of forty, 60% of men in their seventies, and 90% of men in their eighties.

As men advance to older age, many experience declining prostate health that significantly affects their lifestyle and well-being. One of the most common conditions threatening the prostate gland is benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). The swelling of the prostate gland can lead to myriad symptoms such as increased urinary frequency, weak urinary stream, difficulty initiating urination, and increased cancer risk. In Malaysia, prostate cancer is ranked 6th among male cancer and expected to increase in the future. Very few prostate cancers occur in men under 50 years of age. The rate increases sharply with age and is highest in the oldest age group . The majority are Chinese (50.0%) followed by Malay (46.4%) and Indian (3.6%)2 . The low incidence rate could be related to limited public awareness, low health screening rate and low detection rate.



  • Common issues in men age 50 and above
  • The condition of compromised prostate health increases sharply with age
  • A condition associated with ageing, genetic background, high fat diet and hormonal changes
  • Prevention is better than cure


  • Men with BMI (Body Mass Index) > 30
  • Smoking
  • High Fat Diet


A recent meta-analysis of eight studies finds that isoflavones consumption is associated with a reduction in risk of prostate cancer . Soy isoflavones exhibit potential properties in limiting the progression of prostate cancer. Supplementation of soy isoflavones appears to slow the rising serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) concentration associated with prostate tumor growth. Additionally, men who receive a high-phytoestrogen diet experience significant improvement in PSA concentrations compared to men who receive a low-phytoestrogen diet.


Extensive research supports saw palmetto’s benefits for prostate health. An analysis involving 2,939 men with symptomatic benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) shows that those taking saw palmetto extract reported greater improvement of urinary tract symptoms and urinary flow measures, there was also a decrease in episodes of nocturia (nighttime urination) and an improvement in peak urinary flow . Besides, saw palmetto exerts anti-inflammatory effects that also may have complementary effects on prostate health. Consumption of saw palmetto has resulted in improved quality of life, maximum urinary flow, decrease in prostate size and symptoms among men with prostate problem.


Lycopene is a carotenoid, a natural pigment made by plants and various fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, apricots, guavas, and watermelon. Epidemiological studies have demonstrated that populations with high intake of dietary lycopene have lower risks of prostate cancer. Lycopene improves inflammation, prevents oxidative DNA damage, inhibits tumour growth as well as induces apoptosis (cell death). A substantial part of the lycopene effects can be explained by its antioxidant action. Men with the highest levels of serum lycopene have shown to be at 45% lower risk of cancer than those with the lowest levels of lycopene. Higher lycopene intake is inversely associated with total prostate cancer risk and higher lycopene intake results in significant reduction in serum PSA levels.

USANA Palmetto Plus™


USANA Palmetto Plus

USANA Palmetto Plus™ is an effective and convenient way to get a good affordable formula that promotes long-term health of the prostate.

It contains the above mentioned nutrients for men’s health:

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Soy Isoflavone
  • Lycopene

USANA Palmetto Plus™

  • May improve urinary flow
  • Supports urinary tract health
  • Help to lower risk of prostate cancer
  • Helps to reduce Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH)
  • Improve PSA concentration
  • Improve inflammation
  • Helps reduce oxidative DNA damage
  • Improve quality of life

To purchase USANA Palmetto Plus, please visit USANA Approved Website.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


5 ways to protect your liver, along with USANA HepaPlus


Your body’s second largest organ (after your skin), your liver works hard to filter out nasties and detoxify toxins to ensure that your body is kept free from harmful constituents – whether these are from living organisms or chemicals in your foods/drinks and/or those that you breathe in. It also has an important role in digesting foods and storing vitamins.

Healthy foods nourish all of your body. But some components in foods are especially liver-protective. So, once you’re in a healthy weight range, you’re sure that you drink enough water for optimal hydration and don’t overdo alcohol, fat or sugar, here are some foods that can boost your liver health.

1. Green goodness of garden veggies    

Sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli contain a wide range of phytonutrients including broccoliflavonoids, carotenoids, indoles and the anti-cancer compound, sulphurophane. All of these active ingredients help your liver neutralise chemicals, pesticides, drugs, and carcinogens. These cruciferous veggies also contain an antioxidant substance called glutathione. Glutathione attaches itself to toxins and takes them out of your body. The process works best if the foods aren’t heated though – heat destroys the enzymes they contain so raw is best or lightly stir-fried in olive or avocado oil.

Spinach, kale, bok choy and asparagus contain high levels of sulphur, a mineral that supports your liver’s detoxification processes. Sulphur encourages your liver to neutralise free radicals and other toxic chemicals.

2. Garlic
The active ingredient in garlic, sulphur-based allicin, can help your liver to cleanse itself. Garlic also contains the mineral selenium which also helps aids the liver cleaning process.

Onions and leeks, (relatives to garlic) also contain beneficial sulphur compounds to support your liver in its glutathione production. Remember, glutathione is present in every cell of your body and its job is to neutralise free radicals.

3. Peanutsusana-peanut

Peanuts and other legumes like soy beans contain choline which your liver needs to metabolise fats – including the fat, cholesterol. Lack of choline could result in an accumulation of fat in the liver. Choline also partly powers a chemical process called methylation. This is where the amino acid homocysteine is converted into another amino acid called methionine. This is beneficial because high levels of homocysteine are associated with raised risk of several chronic conditions. But methionine helps fat removal from the liver and protects it from toxins, too!

4. Turmeric
usana turmeric
Used widely in Indian cooking and in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, lots of research is proving the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of this golden yellow spice which works as a detox for your liver. Like its cousin, ginger, turmeric helps your body digest fats and stimulates the production of bile. Ginger also contains antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties; it aids cleansing by encouraging circulation in the liver, lowering blood cholesterol and generally unclogging in your liver.

5. Artichokesusana-Artichokes

Artichokes are thistles which contain two phytonutrients called cynarin and silymarin (which is also found in a relative to artichoke, milk thistle). Both of these phytonutrients have been shown to nourish the liver, increase bile production, and even prevent gallstones.

Try a liver loving cleanse

usana-hepaplus-productIf you would like to know more about liver health, talk with your doctor. And, if your liver could do with a little loving, USANA HepaPlus is a great choice.
The active ingredients include broccoli concentrate, turmeric and close to 200mg of milk thistle extract. It also contains Meriva® curcumin in a patented form that has been shown to boost bioavailability by 30 times compared with regular curcumin. It’s a formulation that’s been created based on peer-reviewed science and produced with the same commitment to quality, safety, and purity that you have come to expect from USANA.

USANA History and USANA Healthpak and Essentials Introduction

If you would like to learn about USANA Products, there are many online reviews you can find. USANA Health Sciences is founded by Dr. Myron Wentz in 1992 in the Salt Lake City, who has PHD degrees in biology and immunology. Before founding the company, Dr. Wentz worked Gull Laboratories, raising human cells human cells with nutrition formula he developed. As he gets older, his health condition got worse and he started to look for vitamins in the market to improve his health. What surprised him was: the vitamins and products in the market are not as good as his formula and he decided to develop his own Products – the best vitamins in the world with the mission to give true health to people. That’s why the company is founded. The products developed by USANA can not only remove harmful wastes made by our body, as well the preventing the damage of free radicals from pollution, bad food and smoking. The products can also boost immune systems and improve gut health to reduce the occurrence of allergy and bacterial infection.

USANA Products are developed in cellular level, which means it helps you improve your health by giving the raw materials needed by your body cells in high bio-availability. When every single cell in your body is healthy, you will be healthy. The minerals produced by the company are chelated, which means it is made in a special way to combine minerals with amino acids, to provide much better absorption rate for your body cells.

The company’s flag ship product is called USANA HealthPak, a world class comprehensive product containing vitamins, minerals, herbs and anti-oxidants in a single pack which is good for people with busy schedule and no time to open many bottles to get their daily supplements.  This product can help you maintain your healthy cholesterol level and healthy blood vessel, as well as bone health (each pack contains 1 tablet of active calcium plus, which contains chelated calcium, chelated magnesium, vitamin D and other important nutrients for your bone)  You can just simply take 1 pack in the morning and at night to give you It has been rewarded gold medal winner in NutriSearch comparative guide to nutritional supplements and been trusted by over 600 elite athletes in the world, many of them got gold medal in Olympic games.

USANA HealthPak

USANA not only produce vitamins and antioxidants, but also provides meal replacements and healthy snacks food. The Reset range produced by the company has a balanced ratio of carbohydrate, protein and fat at 5:3:1 with 45 different types of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts, which is same as the HealthPak. It helps you control your blood sugar level with low glycemic index of mixed micro nutrition and macro nutrition.  It has low glycemic index stamp from University of Sydney, Australia which many similar products in the market do not have. The reset range ensures a person’s nutritional need while undergoing detoxification and weight loss program to prevent malnutrition and sickness.

Dr Wentz also introduced natural skin and body care products in 2006, which are free of preservative (paraben) and chemicals like (SLS), which ensure your skin gets the good ingredients from nature, glow from inside to outside.

Australia vitamin consumers who would like to know more about the products, please search “USANA Australia” in google and visit their website.